Dynamics of Filtration


Dynamics of Filtration

The dynamics of filtration efficiency during graphite nanoparticles aerosol filtration on fibrous filters was investigated. The influence of water droplets in feed gas on filtration efficiency, pressure drop as well as the form and shape of filtration deposits collected on filter was examined. Moreover, the mass distribution of collected deposits in individual layers in the case of multilayer filters was examined. We have observed that during the filtration of graphite aerosol in the presence of water droplets the observed pressure drop is significantly greater than during the filtration of sole graphite aerosol. On the other hand, the filtration efficiency is decreased in the presence of water droplets. During the filtration in multilayer filters we observed that the mass of particles deposited in upstream layer is greater than that in downstream, independently of the structure of both layers. This effect is also more significant in the presence of water droplets in feed gas.

Presence of water droplets in gas strongly influences filtration of nanoparticles.

Less efficiency and higher pressure drop during filtration in presence of droplets.

Change of filtration deposits caused by water as a reason of observed changes.

Mass trapped in filter layers depends mostly on their position, not characteristics.

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