Synthetic/ club drugs


With global realization that use of synthetic drugs is not safe on the long run, the medical fraternity at large is looking at alternatives from natural sources to combat diseases particularly those in which conventional modern system of medicine has little to offer. This realization on the one hand has increased demand for herbal drugs and on the other hand need for quality standardization of drugs has gone up. The standardization of herbal drugs used in Unani system of medicine such as Sufoof Jawahir Mohra which is prescribed in Unani system for therapeutic use as tonic to multiple vital organs and stimulant to innate heat and it is useful in general weakness and weak functions of the vital organs has been taken up for standardization by modern analytical techniques, so as to ascertain its quality standard. The parameters which were carried out are organoleptic parameters, physicochemical parameters and high-performance thin layer chromatography revealing specific identities for the particular drug and to evaluate pharmacopoeia standards. Results suggest that the drug is safe for therapeutic use and the present study can be used as a reference standard for quality control in future.

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