Revisit of a Rare Death by Overdosed Midazolam

Image Forensic Medicine is a multidisciplinary subject and it is defined as the application of medical knowledge to the investigation of crime, particularly in establishing the causes of injury or death. Journal of Forensic Medicine (jfm)  is used to for the scientific assessment of DNA, blood samples, and so on. Forensic plays an important role in criminal investigations and it is equally used in archaeology, Anthropology, Astronomy, Biology, Geology and Victimology.... Read More

Rapid Detection of Human Follicular Tissues at the Crime Scene

Image Journal of Forensic Medicine is a comprehensive, peer reviewed journal devoted to Forensic Medicine. Journal of Forensic Medicine is an Open Access journal that includes high quality papers, which covers all major areas of Forensic Science & Pathology and its diagnosis. Journal of Forensic Medicine with its Open Access publication model spreads all the day-to-day developments and research to readers around the world. JFM is an Open Access journal which pu... Read More

Prominence of forensic science

Image Journal of Forensic Medicine is an open access journal that publishes articles in the forensic sciences, pathology and clinical forensic medicine and its related specialities. The journal carries classic reviews, case studies, original research, hypotheses and learning points, offering critical analysis and scientific appraisal. As per available reports about 150 journals, 262 Conferences, 100 workshops are presently dedicated exclusively to Forensic Medicine... Read More

Medico-Legal Autopsy & Forensic Science

Image Journal of Forensic Medicine is an online open access portal encompassing all aspects related to toxicology and forensic medicine. Toxicology is derived from the ancient Greek word “Toxicos” which means toxic or poisonous. It is the branch of medicine that deals with the harmful effects of various chemicals on living beings or other organisms. Forensic medicine is often considered to be a subset of toxicology where knowledge of the methodologies or clinical... Read More

Toxicology and Forensic Science

Image Journal of Forensic Medicine (JFM) provide a forum for the rapid publication of topical articles on medicine and all basic & clinical aspects of forensic medicine, forensic pathology, forensic science, toxicological sciences (Forensic Toxicology, Analytical Toxicology, Emergency Toxicology, and Critical Care Toxicology), DNA fingerprinting, sexual jurisprudence and environmental medicine. ... Read More

“Novel research on Genetics and Genomes for Global Health”

Image Being a Managing Editor to Journal of Genetics and Genomes, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce one of our peer viewed journal which is dedicated to is committed to dispersing unique and top-level original research articles, letters, perspectives, opinions, commentaries, case reports, reviews, letter to editor, editorials, and short communications etc. in every aspect of Genetics Research. Genetics and Genomes Research  holds the way to meeting a... Read More

On Completing Decade of Successful Publishing Journal of Forensic Research Announces Special Issue Invitation

Image Journal of Forensic Research (eISSN: 2157-7145) is scheduled to celebrate its 11th anniversary in the year 2020. The monthly journal has successfully released several issues of peer-reviewed articles collated from wide geographic locations across the world since its inception in the year 2010, in addition to several special issues and International conference proceedings. To commemorate the decade long publications services, the editorial team of the journal is planning to compile an edited special issue focusing on tending research activities in ... Read More

Journal of Forensic Research Honors the Editors- on the Occasion of 10th Anniversary

Image On the occasion of the 10th anniversary, Journal of Forensic Research (eISSN: 2157-7145) expresses its gratitude to all its elite panel of members of the editorial board for their ongoing efforts, support and encouragement throughout the journal's publication journey, right from its inception in 2010, and congratulates them on making the journal achieve its goals and succeed as one of the leading and well-recognized broadcaster of scientific outcomes and perspectives from systematic enquiry into Archeology, Anthropology, and Biology, globally. The journal is e... Read More

Journal of Clinical & Medical Genomics Marks its 8 Years Prosperous Journey

Image The  Journal of Clinical and Medical Genomics, is have come in to existence in the year 2013 and is feeling happy for the reaction received from the Academicians, Medical Practitioners, Scholars, Researchers and supporters to publish with the Journal and to participate in the year-long festivals.  It is one of the most presumed Journals of OMICS ... Read More