Toxicology and Forensic Science


Journal of Forensic Medicine (JFM) provide a forum for the rapid publication of topical articles on medicine and all basic & clinical aspects of forensic medicine, forensic pathology, forensic science, toxicological sciences (Forensic Toxicology, Analytical Toxicology, Emergency Toxicology, and Critical Care Toxicology), DNA fingerprinting, sexual jurisprudence and environmental medicine.

Journal of Forensic Medicine (JFM) is successfully running in the Volume 5 which covers a wide variety of specialties reaching out to analytical scientists worldwide

 The Journal carries definitive reviews, original communications, hypotheses, learning points of important issues, offering critical analysis and scientific appraisal. Journal of Forensic Medicine (JFM) explore all aspects of modern-day forensics, applying equally to children or adults, either living or the deceased.

The range of topics covered includes forensic pathology, forensic medicine, forensic science, toxicology, human identification, mass disasters/mass war graves, explosion cases, forensic microbiology, forensic entomology, criminal psychology, pharmacology, profiling, imaging, policing, wound assessment, sexual assault, anthropology, archaeology, forensic search, DNA fingerprinting, and sexual jurisprudence. Journal of Forensic Medicine (JFM) presents a balance of forensic research/toxicology based research and reviews from around the world to reflect modern advances through peer-reviewed papers, short communications, meeting proceedings and case reports.

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Journal of Forensic Medicine

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